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How to Take Advantage of Unique Selling Point of OptionBit While You Trade OptionBit

Optionbit  Many people are confused about all the options on Trade   OptionBit. OptionBit is a Binary Options trading online portal  to make trading easier among traders where there is no need to hire a broker. The OptionBit site does not charge you any fees to create an account or to start trading. But of course the initial investment has to be made to start your trading with the concerned assets.

The high point of trade OptionBit is that it has the lowest minimum Deposit amount needed for payment. The amount is around $50 whereas the standard average on other online trading portals is $100. Trade OptionBit has a plethora of features to offer which is not possible to get in any other online trading site. This is what makes OptionBit so much more popular among traders.

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The trading features of Trade OptionBit are as follows.


  • The most common game of Binary Options trading, here you have to simply predict the asset value at a future date which you can choose. It can be one month from now or one hour from now.
  • There are separate buttons for the Above and Below options so you can just choose the one and then wait for the expiry price. If the expiry price matches with your choice then you will be making a profit and if not then losing all your money
  • Remember this is all or nothing kind of trading so if you lose you lose heavily but if you win, you will win a huge return.

Touch Trading

  • This is where again you will have to predict whether prices will go up or down within the stipulated period of time.
  • Here the target price is given and there are two options whether it will go up or down till the expiry time is reached
  • The Two buttons are given as touch up and Touch Down and you can choose from anyone according to you trading strategy.
  • You need to plan ahead in all the Trade OptionBit options to get maximum returns. You have to tap the resources to find out the market trends on the particular assets


Range Trading

  • This option is only available with the Trade OptionBit and makes you a perfect game addict.
  • Here there is a price range which will be given to you by OptionBit and you have to predict whether the prices will remain in the price range at expiry time or will be outside the range.
  • Once you are sure of your choice, go for any of the buttons and start trading on the asset ad wait until expiry time.
  • If you are in- the –money, you must have predicted it right while out-the-money is for making the wrong choice.
  • The profits are huge but so are the losses.

There is a lot to choose from at OptionBit and one has to be experienced enough in trading to win at Trade OptionBit.

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