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About Optionbit

Why Should You Know More about OptionBit before You Opt for It?

OptionBit is a Binary Options trading portal and this article will provide you with the general information about OptionBit. OptionBit is an outfit based in Cyprus who provides investors and traders an online portal through which they can undertake trading of stocks that come out in the market. This is beneficial to the traders as they can make a lot of cash if they know what online trading is all about.




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What is Binary Options Trading?

It is electronic trading in finance. There is a digital option to the trading i.e. when one invests on stock or security one either gets a return if one has predicted it right or nothing. There is no in between result. It is also known as all or nothing trade. And this is the truth About Optionbit or the truth about what they specialize in.

Previously these kinds of trading was done over the counter but since 2008 many online trading sites have come which issue stocks to the buyer and give returns based on the stock value they purchase and if the value has increased by the maturity date chosen.

Features of OptionBit Binary Options Trading

  • It is the cheapest online trading site and best for the newcomer or beginners as you have options of trading as low as $10 on the site. This will ease your jitters a little bit as you start the trading business.
  • If your chosen stock does improve before the maturity date then the return that you get is the highest on this site. It is as high as 61% to 84%. This is its unique selling point.
  • There are three trading options that OptionBit offers and those are regular above/below money, touch trading and range trading. All the three options can be used extensively to gain the maximum amount of return.
  • There are many underlying assets to choose from so that your trading is benefitted with the maximum return. There are commodities, stocks, Forex and indices to trade from.
  • One gets a bonus also if you deposit more than $500 into your OptionBit account

Drawbacks of OptionBit Trading

  • They might charge you a fee to withdraw money from your account with them but this is not a surety.
  • One can add money into one’s account in a limited way and also the currency provided is only US Dollars.

If you are a broker this is the ideal site for you to invest in as there is no charge for starting the process of trading. One has to just create an account with them which is free of charge and then you need to look at the options of assets carefully and choose from them to invest in. Of course you have to make the investment outright before you see any return.

This is a 100% web based trading and the best feature about OptionBit. So you do need to download any software or learn up tools to be deft at it. One should do a bit more research about OptionBit before taking the plunge so that you are totally sure about the options you have.

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