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Optionbit – The New Face on a New Platform

 There are numerous sites out there dealing with the probabilities and permutations of online stock trading and Forex point exchange. There are companies that have been in business for over a decade and have provided valuable platforms to many people who have the yearning to sit at home and make money.

Then why should people leave those companies and start trading with a relatively new platform such as Optionbit? The answer is simple. It’s because Optionbit was and still is the lowest cost binary options trading platform out there. This article is going to tell you the different aspects of trading on Optionbit.

The starting cost

Binary trading in itself is a very low cost concept where you have to trade on low costs and predict if there is any chance of increase in the cost and till how far. But Optionbit adds to it in a way like no other.

It makes the starting amount that you need to put into your account to be eligible to trade as $10. This is a far lesser cost than other such platforms which can cost as high as $40 to $50 even. Hence compared to this the $10 platform ensures a far greater profit ratio in the beginning than others. This is plus point that no one has trumped yet.

Extend & Close

This is a stroke of genius that has elevated Optionbit to all new height since it has started. The fear of any trader is if the trade will go the right direction in time or will it deteriorate before the expiration.

Here Optionbit gives you a chance to totally alter that. This is by either extending the trade time or closing it beforehand based on the situation and what seems the best choice at the time. This is valuable to be understating it, because sometimes trades can go very wrong right at the last moment or maybe just not even reaches its potential in time.

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However, if it had just enough time it would reach the given binary leveling and you would get the money. This is exactly what these options do; they basically buy you or let you get rid of time itself.

Touch Trading

optionbit trading review is a platform that has made binary options trading more customized than any other platform. The usual options that people get on any binary platform is whether or not the platform will go towards the upper or lower limit, but Optionbit has added to it. It has made option even better; it has added the Touch criteria.

If the asset actually reaches the limits then you get an even higher pay-out than before which can even be up to 91%. This is unbelievable to most people because the pay-out is distinctively higher than any other platform out there.

Final Words

There are many other aspects of Optionbit trading that can be explained and will be in subsequent articles but the main point that we want to show here is that Optionbit is a platform that not only is low cost but has the ability to allow you to make even  more money than the other platform. As such this is the best choice that we can recommend to anyone who is ready to take the chances and make the money.

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