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Optionbit Scam

Optionbit Scam – Are They True Or Are They Lies?
Optionbit is a highly respected platform that is well known to the people who usually deal with binary trading or even traditional Forex trading. They have grown significantly and fast throughout the few years of work and throughout these few years they have made themselves more and more accessible to the people. Hence they have become the receivers of the jealousy of their competitors who have possibly resorted to spreading rumors of scams relating to Optionbit.

Most of these have been disproved and some of them might have been serious mistakes on behalf of individuals, but in any case they have all been sorted out in good time. Since this article is to be unbiased we have to state the different types of scams or rumors that are circulating across the internet and whether there is any truth to them at all. Following are some of the more serious types of Optionbit scam that have been spoken of.

Initial money scam

There have been many discussions across open forums about how and why Optionbit would allow such low initial money to be their first deposit. This led to the thought that Optionbit was in reality a complete hoax and the owners would take the money and be off.

But the truth is people are still putting in their money and they are still getting paid good money that is legitimate and money that they made through hard work. If Optionbit were a scam then that period would probably be over by now.

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Pay-out scam

There were a few complaints about a few months ago that led to a fully fledged Optionbit scam rumor about a man who had supposedly been denied all the money he had made and his account was locked. This led to the rumor that Optionbit had taken the man’s money by force and was doing it to many others.

But later it was seen that the man was actually multi-processing his money and that is illegal. Hence all his money was forfeited. But this did not stop the people who were interested to start the Optionbit scam rumor that started.

Bonus code scam

This is a common Optionbit scam that is ridiculous to say the least. The bonus codes that Optionbit lets out on a regular basis is basically code generated keys that have to be bought from the site itself and no other third party vendors are given the chance to get these. Hence the chances of flaw in the making are nil and the chances of an Optionbit scam here is also zero.

Trading sheet scam

An ongoing Optionbit scam rumor is the trading sheet scam. This means that the user always has a trading sheet that shows all his assets and his trades in chronological order. This is very useful in calculating pay-outs.

But it is said that Optionbit of tens tampers with these and have decreased the asset values as they have seen fit on many count. This is ridiculous to say the list because a company as big as Optionbit cannot afford to tarnish their reputation in this way especially when these trading sheets can be cross checked easily enough.

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