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Optionbit Review

In-Depth Optionbit Review: Telling You What Is What

Every virtual kilometer in cyberspace probably has an online Forex trading or binary trading platform out there right around the corner, but they have tried and failed to measure up to the caliber that Optionbit has.

This Optionbit review is going to tell you exactly what the things that you will get from Optionbit are and how they are different from the other platforms out there. Also we can tell you what is right and wrong with any given aspect of the Optionbit platform.


Optionbit is a worldwide organization and as such has roots in almost all the countries in existence. The only reason it is universally accepted is because of the tons of added features that it provides people.

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The best reason would be the Extend & Close options that it provides the users which allow them to change the expiry date of the asset trade ahead or after the given expiry date. This is independence and a chance to make sure you profit that other platforms do not provide.

Moreover the Touch option allows you to make more profit than the other platforms as a new tier of binary option is added to your choices. The range options are hourly options in the form of the binary which allows you to make a few extra bucks hourly. This Optionbit review is all up for this feature-laden part of this platform.


No Optionbit review is complete without a few words on the cost of Optionbit trading. The cost itself is very low. Other than the cost of trading once you have already started there are very slight fees that have to be paid to the company once an asset has expired and you get your pay-out.

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But the real pro is in the beginning where you only have to pay a maximum of $10 when the premium account is to be unlocked and you have to start trading. This is the lowest in the industry and the best you can get anywhere.


The pay-out is decidedly the same as that of other platforms except that Optionbit is smart enough to give its customers a bit more than thought. They have added a Range option for their customers to select from which will allow them an added bonus to the paycheck instantly. Hence although you can make money at the same level as other platforms you can actually make more if you take the required risk.

Customer Service

No Optionbit review is complete without the take on the customer service of the platform. There are many aspects of an online trading platform that might require the company’s assistance and we are happy to say that we have been satisfied.

The customer care officials are concerned individuals who are actually ready to listen to you and do what is required to get the job done.

Technical Statistics

Before making this Optionbit review we took a look at the technical stats of the Optionbit system and were left stunned. The server is shared in load and the processors are muscle-ridden. The cloud hosted website hardly ever fails. They have actually thought of everything.

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