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Optionbit June Promotions

Optionbit is set to come out with money spinning Optionbit June promotions. This online trading platform has been synonymous for its range of promotional offerings. And Optionbit June promotions promise to establish this fact.

Every month, Optionbit increases customer experience by offering more promotions that provide more money and value. Promotions come in different manifestations. It could be the addition of new assets, or freebies doled out when trading.

For instance, Optionbit were redefining their indices assets, and adding more to them .This was part of their promotions. It helped online traders make quick money by predicting the price movement in the indices.

Optionbit June promotions promises more bonanza

Optionbit is not restricted to only conducting promotional activities. It periodically gives bonuses as well. Bonuses, much like promotions are important to keep you motivated. Optionbit are known to be the best in the market for providing promotions. And it is natural to assume that Optionbit June promotions will tow this sentiment.

Optionbit Review

Optionbit is a recent entry to online options brokers. They offer web based services, so that you can access their website from anywhere. They have a very advanced system that provides 37 underlying assets across multiple regions such the US, Asia and Europe.

Two of the popular trading options offered are Above/Below and Touch Trading. Above/Below is a well-known trading technique that offers you cash on predicting the movement of price correctly. If you don’t predict correct, you don’t get anything.

Touch trading is determining if the price of an asset will touch a target price. If you predict this price movement correctly before option-expiration, you win cash in-the-money.

OptionBit assets

You get to choose from a big selection of assets. This includes stocks, commodities, currencies, and indexes. You can trade in global indexes such as Dow Jones, IBEX35, IPC, TECDAX, CAC and so on. You can trade in popular stocks of software giants such as Apple, DeutscheBank and Barclays to name a few. Coming to commodities, oil, silver and gold are the commonly traded ones.

Optionbit payouts

Optionbit offers you payouts upto 80% of your invested amount. This is one of the highest in the industry. You receive a welcome bonus of $500 when you join Optionbit. This money is deposited to your account, and is regardless of Optionbit June promotions, July promotions and so on.

To help you get started, you get a free binary trading eBook. This book helps you make the transition to a binary options trader if you are a novice. If you are an experienced trader, then this book establishes your fundamentals.

Although there are nominal withdrawal charges from the second month onwards, you don’t pay commissions involved in buying options. Funds are remitted to your account through PayPal.

Although there are no withdrawal limits, you must trade a volume at least ten times your initial deposit.

Given the flexibility, reliability, and plethora of features offered, Optionbit trading is a pleasurable experience. And the impending Optionbit June promotions vindicate the fact that this trading platform helps you win on most days.