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Optionbit July 2012 Promotions

If you have already entered the exciting arena of binary options trading, then you must be aware of the lucrative bonuses and promotional offers given out by the binary option trading brokers from time to time. Optionbit is one of the most popular and most dynamic binary options brokers in the market.

One of its most attractive features is that it always has a number of great offers and bonuses for the trading public. So, keep an eye out for the Optionbit July 2012 Promotions and you can significantly increase your profitability.

The probable offers of Optionbit July 2012 Promotions

Based on the bonuses and offers floated previously by Optionbit, you can expect at least some of the following in the Optionbit July 2012 Promotions:

  • The best offer of Optionbit comes when you sign up. You get a huge bonus of $500 as soon as you register with Optionbit to start your binary options trading. The log in process is very simple. You only have to provide a few necessary details. Then you have to deposit your money. You can use various methods for the purpose like credit or debit cards, bank transfers and several reliable e wallets including Moneybookers. Once the initial deposit has been credited to your account, which takes only a few minutes (except for bank transfers which may take a little longer), Optionbit will deposit $500 bonus directly in your account. This offer is likely to continue as a part of Optionbit July 2012 Promotions. Just keep in mind that, according to the current stipulations, you need to trade ten times the volume of your original deposit before you can withdraw the funds.
  • In recent past, Optionbit has included more assets in its asset list. Specifically, a few more indices were added. So, now you can trade in more than forty assets. As a part of Optionbit July 2012 Promotions, a few more assets may find their way to the Optionbit asset index, allowing you to trade in markets from all over the world.
  • In addition to the above mentioned standing welcome bonus, Optionbit always has new bonuses to offer to the trading public. So, you can expect some more lucrative bonus offers in the agenda of Optionbit July 2012 Promotions.


Trade more and increase your profits with Optionbit

Optionbit trading offers every advantage to the binary options trader. You can open your account, deposit money using several convenient methods and start trading within a matter of hours. Choose from over forty assets and with the judicious use of all the educational and informational tools provided to you by Optionbit, you can make profits in excess of 80% on your original investment. With the great offers coming your way during the Optionbit July 2012 Promotions, you can increase your funds many times by binary options trading.