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Optionbit August 2012 Promotions

The field of binary options trading is full of different brokers – all offering a number of incentives and bonuses to attract customers to their site. Optionbit is one of the leaders in this field. It has a number of features which have helped to, make this site so popular. It is extremely user friendly with one of the best rates of payouts and also enforces a number of measures to ensure that all your transactions are secure. In addition, Optionbit brings a variety of bonuses and promotional offers at different times which significantly increase your profitability. So, you should know what it has in store for you in the Optionbit August 2012 Promotions.

The offers

Here are a few sample offers that you can find in Optionbit August 2012 Promotions:

  • The aim of the Optionbit team is to bring you a high quality flexible trading platform where you can engage in binary options trading regardless of the amount that you invest or your expertise in this field. This is the reason why this broker has been so universally popular. One of the most attractive offers of Optionbit August 2012 Promotions is free cash. Previously, as soon as you followed a few simple formalities and opened your account, the Optionbit trading team credited your account with $500 as welcome bonus. This free cash offer is going strong in the Optionbit August 2012 Promotions. In addition, instead of the flat $500, you may get even higher amount of free cash if the amount of your initial deposit is high.
  • The Optionbit August 2012 Promotions will allow you access to trading bonuses which will increase as the volume of your trade with Optionbit increases.
  • Another offer of the Optionbit August 2012 Promotions which is going to benefit your highly is the asset bonus. This is the access to trade in some highly lucrative assets. By the normal rule of the stock market, assets which bring high returns also carry a high risk. In its asset bonus, Optionbit aims to introduce a scheme where you can trade in these high yield assets but with a lower risk.
  • Finally, Optionbit is always adding to its asset list. This will offer you more opportunities for making a profit.

Higher profits with more incentives from Optionbit

The various schemes laid out in the Optionbit August 2012 Promotions and those which are to be introduced soon will all work towards providing you with a safe and flexible trading platform. The greatest advantage of this is that fact that regardless of the amount you invest, your profitability will be as high as the high rollers in the industry. So, check the official website as well as the review sites regularly to know when the Optionbit August 2012 Promotions are to be launched and exactly what new offers are going to be included in them.