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Optionbit April 2012 promotions

Optionbit April 2012 Promotions: The best gift you can get

Optionbit is one of the largest provider of online stock trading and one of the best promotional bonus providers as well. Their bonuses are enough to make your head spin on normal days but for the financial New Year they have gone to new heights with fantastic and generous helpings of free cash and trade ships along with options increment and prime asset trade opportunities. All this put together you can get some of the most lucrative deals in this once in a year offer. The exact outlines for these offers are set below, but the thing is these are given in addition to all the promotions that you are already used to getting on a regular basis and when you think that those are actually Optionbit regular bonuses added for such a low cost to these special ones the combined effect can be unnerving to say the least.

What kind of bonuses are we talking about?

There is hardly any doubt as to the effectiveness of the overall Optionbit bonus scheme, but the thing is there are also many things that are not right with them. But these Optionbit April 2012 promotions are as right as they can be. They have everything in these coffers such as free cash and trade chips. Add to that the benefits based on binary trading and you have something that you can dream of at night and be peaceful. The offer is not at all costly as the whole thing will just meld into the cost you already take up and also the chances of making the big money with the premium trading bonuses will take of this minimal cost without a scratch on you. The offers are as follows:

  • Free Cash

This is the most primal requirement of any man and they have taken care of it. Each free cash deal is different but they are all satisfying and they can be breath taking in their generosity. Along with the free cash you can also get free trading chips that can be redeemed again for trading rights.

  • Trade Bonus

These trading rights are actually based on the different simple assets that are out of your reach because of their prices and with these rights you can trade there at minimal expense. That is some bonus that you cannot pass up that easily.

  • Asset Bonus

The assets that are the most costly are the most lucrative and that is the rule. But they cost when you get in and hurt you more when you lose. But these asset bonuses lower their process and get you the things that you want.

  • Option Bonus

These are manipulative of the binary options tools and they allow you to amplify the way you use them and hence make you more adept and give you greater chances you gain from your trades.

Where do I get them?

You can get these directly from the site itself or you can follow links that have been already sent to you in email or by SMS.