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October 2013 Promotions

Nothing beats being able to trade binary options in real time wherever you are. That’s why for the whole month of October, we’re giving you an opportunity to earn more profits when you trade assets on our mobile platform. This is your chance to further push your investments up north, so gear up to make smarter predictions and use your mobile device to trade digital options.

Expect to receive higher payout rates every week for your every in-the-money trade finish, all thanks to our highly rewarding OptionBit October 2013 Promotions. We have set specific asset classes to be traded every week.

For the first week of this month, trade FTSE 100 FUT, NASDAQ, and other indices to avail of our increased payout rates. Invest on Google, Coca Cola, Apple, and other shares on the second week while earn profits from market fluctuations of currency pairs on the week after. And for the remaining days of October, feel free to invest on commodities. Trade all these this month and earn an increased payout rate of up to 85%!

But besides our incredible offer of an 85% payout rate, we’re also giving away bonus codes all month long. Keep an eye on your inbox for our surprise and random offers that will be helpful in boosting your investments. Simply contact our customer support team to redeem your prize.

We want you to have a great time trading binary options this month, that’s why we have come up with an easy way for you to earn more through our OptionBit October 2013 Promotions. Keep in mind, though, that you must have our mobile application installed on either of your iOS or Android devices to qualify for our monthly rewards. But if you haven’t installed it yet, click here to join and to learn more on how to get our mobile platform on your device.

Make the most of our October 2013 promotions and have your investments double in just a short time!