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November 2014 Promotions

Calling all new and loyal traders—Option Bit November 2014 Promotions are finally here! The most innovative binary options broker online is here to give you the best offers you will find nowhere else.

VIP Account

First up for our loyal traders, if you still haven’t availed a VIP account, you need to reassess your priorities! Avail a VIP OptionBit account and you will get the red carpet treatment you deserve. Your schedule will be our top priority, and we will provide you a VIP number to call during trading hours. Transactions are faster too—withdrawals are processed in 3-5 business days only. When you deposit, you also get extra allowances.

Welcome Bonus Plans

OptionBit wants to help you learn more about binary options trading. Therefore, when you deposit $200, you will get 30% bonus, deposit $500 and get 40% bonus, and finally, deposit $1,000 to get a 50% bonus. You can use the extra OptionBit bonus to practice different trading strategies or try trading different assets.

We offer several options to accommodate your preferred trade:

  • Digital
  • One Touch
  • Touch/No Touch
  • Range
  • Turbo

Learning with OptionBit

Optionbit isn’t going to deny it: binary options trading can be extremely risky. However, it just means that there are ways to come up with efficient trading strategies. Hence, we have developed a training program with an elaborate design specifically to shape our users into successful traders.

The following are the lessons included in the program:

  • General Introduction to Financial Markets
  • Technical Analysis
  • Fundamental Analysis
  • Indicators
  • Trading Strategies

After each session, enrolled traders would be required to reach a significant amount of trading volume to make sure that he or she has mastered the lesson.

There’s no better place to practice but with your smartphone or tablet. Download the OptionBit app in the App Store or the Google Play Store. Stay tuned for more of OptionBit November 2014 Promotions and make your OptionBit account now!