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May 2013 Promotions

What’s with OptionBit May 2013 promotions? Great offers to double your earnings.

OptionBit traders are given the chance to have an educational allowance to familiarize you with the platform and trading strategies. If you’re new to binary options, then this is the suitable promo for you.

We also have investment bonuses available for this month only. Invest on the first week of May and you will receive 50% bonus; invest on the second week and get 30% bonus and invest on the third and last week of May and you’ll receive 20% bonus. Whatever amount you deposit we will match that with the corresponding percentage depending on which week you made your deposit.

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Another reason to trade with OptionBit; May is definitely loaded with lots of surprises. Get up to 80% profit when you trade in with the hottest currency pair EUR/GBP! All you have to do is to predict the price of an asset whether it will go up or down at the time of expiry, and if your prediction is correct, you’ll be taking home 80% of your initial investment! But don’t worry if your prediction is wrong, you’ll still be having 15% of your initial investment. That’s a win-win situation now.

Aside from these massive payouts and bonuses, OptionBit also offers tutorial about binary options trading. We will also provide an extensive Binary eCourse to give you professional trading advice and strategies that are useful to help beginner traders earn high returns on their trades. That’s a great start-off for our newbies in the industry.

OptionBit offers a range of binary options trading: Digital, Touch and Range. We also have a wide array of assets for you trade in. With our exceptional trading interface you will easily catch up on how binary options really work. Every wise trader knows how to trade his assets proficiently, every wise trader trades with OptionBit