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June 2015 Promotions

OptionBit is one of the best and most popular binary options brokers in Europe and in the UK. We are at it again with the OptionBit June 2015 Promotions event. For this event we are focusing on providing support to newbie traders and those who plan to join us in the exciting, risky, but profitable world of OptionBit binary options trading.

Sizable education allowances
The OptionBit review articles say plenty of positive things about us, but one aspect always stands out – we provide the best customer support. To maintain that great reputation of ours, we now present to you the OptionBit June 2015 Promotions! As mentioned above, our focus here is on providing ample support to new traders. As such, we will provide new traders with a generous “educational allowance” depending on their initial deposit.

  • Basic plan – £200 Deposit; receive 30% match up bonus
  • Regular plan – £500 Deposit; receive 40% match up bonus
  • Long Term plan – £1000 Deposit; receive 50% match up bonus

The educational materials
Aside from those bonuses, we also provide new traders with a number of educational materials – VODs or videos on demand. They are available in two levels: Beginner and Advanced. Here is a list of some of the VODs we have in store for you:

For Beginners:

  • “Course introduction”
  • “The world of global trading”
  • “Trading is an artform”
  • “Are you an emotional trader?”
  • “Binary options advantages”

For Advanced Traders:

  • “Passive trading 5/15 rule”
  • “Support and resistance”
  • “Engulfing+, downside gap three”
  • “Market analysis types”
  • “Aggressive trading 10/30 rule”

These generous OptionBit bonus VODs are also available in our advanced and intuitive OptionBit Mobile platform. You can do your OptionBit Login account procedure from the mobile app, and then access the vids using your device’s browser.

If you encounter any problems with using our OptionBit Trading platform, you can contact OptionBit support anytime.

So what are you waiting for? Trade with us here, and we will make sure you get your money’s worth! Participate in the OptionBit June 2015 Promotions event today!