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June 2013 Promotions

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We are opening the gates to a nerve-racking world of binary options trading. Thru our state-of-the-art trading platform, traders from all levels have the potential to make substantial profits in an efficient and smarter way. What’s more, we also offer exciting promos just like our OptionBit June 2013 Promotions. Here at OptionBit, we maximize our traders’ capacity so they could grow their investments and yield huge profits.

OptionBit June 2013 Promotions – Fresh and Hot Offers

Trade stocks, commodities, currency or indices, just pick the asset of your choice and you’re ready! Trade any of our commodities during the first of week of June and win an all-out 90% payout if you ended up in-the-money! But what if you lose on your trade? Don’t worry, because you can still get up to 15% returns of your original investment even if you ended up out-of-the-money. Now that’s a fair trade.

Join our elite VIP Club this month and soon you will start to receive exclusive benefits including a personal account manager, faster withdrawals, higher cash back percentage and bonuses. Hurry, be a VIP trader and experience first class treatment.

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                Traders who will make their deposit using any of our alternative payment options will get an additional 10% deposit bonus. OptionBit provides lots of profit-boosting options so you can get the most out of your money. So next time you make a deposit, make sure to use our alternative payment options.

Expect more with OptionBit trading. Aside from these mind-blowing offers, the entire trading interface will make your trading experience a profitable one. You can make use of our unique features which gives you the ability to turn your losing trade into a winning one. For the most innovative, simplified and smarter way to trade binary options, choose OptionBit.