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July 2013 Promotions

Have you ever been interested in getting into finance but don’t understand all the technicalities of it all? Well you don’t have to look any further than binary options trading. This is a form of finance trade that’s easy to do and easy to earn with. All these things you can do with OptionBit trading platform.

We bring to you the most lucrative and easiest to platform there is so that you can increase your investments at once! We also have our OptionBit July 2013 Promotions to bring you more benefits to be received this summer!

Learn all there is to know about binary options trading with us and you’ll soon be profiting so much money in all the trades that you do. This July, we give you more incentives on learning the tricks of the trade by giving you an opportunity to talk with a marketing analyst specializing on your chosen asset! You can have a chance to boost your portfolio and win more with our bonus offer.

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We also give you an opportunity to learn more about this type of investments by giving you additional bonus support so as to enable you to learn more of the tricks of the trade.

Think of this promotion as an educational allowance that you can use to trade with without heightening your risk of loss by having to deposit into your account frequently.  These bonuses are depending on your initial deposit. The percentage added into your account will depend on the amount that you have put in.

You can also become a member of our VIP Club. This enables you to get even more privileges than you already have. All you have to do is trade and be ready to get invited.

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