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January 2015 Promotions

It’s a fresh start this 2015, and it’s the time to make new and better decisions. Start your New Year’s resolution by choosing the best trader for you. To save you the trouble of finding the best broker online, we bring your our OptionBit January 2015 Promotions! To give you the utmost experience of trading with us, we present to you our latest innovation:

OptionBit Mobile

Like our web version, our OptionBit mobile offers the same 91% returns on your investments. This app also allows you to trade binary options using Above/Below, Touch, and Range. You’ll also be able to make smaller trades as small as $10. We also offer you more trading times and new trading features such as the “Close Now” or “Extend” option.

  • Close Now. With this option, you’ll be able to lock in profits and sell the options before the expiry time.
  • Extend. This feature is a must for any mobile trader, considering you might get distracted during those last-minute trades. Now that you’ll be able to extend your expiration time, you’ll definitely have more chances to trade in the money!

The latest updated version 2.2.3 is available to download in the Apple Store. You can also get the app for free from the Google Play Store. With our mobile app, it’ll definitely be better to make trades—especially if you get our OptionBit signals via SMS. Now that you can do your OptionBit login through your phone, trading has never been so convenient.

For more OptionBit bonuses, it’s best to keep an eye out for our OptionBit 2015 promos for the most exciting offers! Sign up now and you’ll get your own OptionBit demo account. You can even watch our OptionBit demo video to see how we do things around here in OptionBit. Register now and start trading!