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December 2014 Promotions

This December is extra special with our OptionBit December 2014 Promotions! Find out why we are the best binary options broker for you.

Why Register with OptionBit?

Although we don’t offer an Option Bit demo account, we give you educational allowance plans or welcome bonuses when you sign up with us. With these OptionBit bonus added to your account, you can now experiment with different trades to test strategies and other techniques. These educational allowances range 30-50%, thus giving you the breathing space you need to make mistakes and tentative trades.

With OptionBit, you can trade currencies, stocks, indices, and commodities. Our current trading tools include Digital, Turbo, Touch, and Range.  You’ll learn how to trade like a pro in no time!

What’s next?

After deciding to register with OptionBit, the next step would be to decide on which account suits you best. We have a Mini, Standard, and VIP account. All of these include bigger welcome bonuses, huge loyalty bonuses, our free eBook giveaway, video lessons, and trading alerts. Other perks also include 1on1 trading sessions and your own personal account manager. You’ll also be able to access our OptionBit mobile app.

In case you are interested in getting a Diamond Account, you would have to deposit $50,000. You can only imagine the crazy perks you will receive when you sign up for this. Be sure to contact our live chat first before making a huge deposit so you can claim whatever bonuses we have to offer you.

Enter Training

Surely, after entrusting us with your money, we wouldn’t leave you on your own! Other than our OptionBit demo video, we will give you intense training sessions where we will give you an introduction to different markets, technical and fundamental analysis, how to identify and read indicators or OptionBit signals. Each course requires you to attain full mastery.

We are completely dedicated to making sure that trading will become your second language. You have the option to train through live chat or through a phone call.

You will never regret availing any of our OptionBit December Promos. Stay in touch and you might just get more bonuses considering that it’s the Christmas season. There’s certainly more in store for you! Login OptionBit now and start trading!