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August 2013 Promotions

There’s no better place to trade binary options than the world’s premier binary options trading platform, OptionBit. We are opening the gates to the fascinating world of binary options with our exceptional trading environment where earning is never an option, it’s a passion. We offer our traders with a feature-packed platform so they can easily profit from the market fluctuations, whether positive or negative. This month, spice up your trades with our incredible OptionBit August 2013 promotions.

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                We strongly believe that traders should benefit as soon as they join us. That’s why we crafted our general educational allowance to help newcomers learn more about our platform and try different strategies. Whether you’re a new entrant in the business, there’s nothing that can hold you back from producing substantial profits!

At OptionBit, not only will you be able to make huge profits in options trading, you will also be able to regain your losses on your unsuccessful trades. Thinking about your previous losses? Fret not. With OptionBit August 2013 promotions, you can get up to 15% refund of your capital if your option turns out unsuccessful. This way, you’ll be able to recoup from your losses without thinking of the risks involved.

VIPs get more. Be prioritized when you become a member of our elite VIP Club! Being a VIP opens the gates to a lavish, red carpet treatment wherein you will receive exclusive benefits and first-class services that’s way beyond the normal membership. Add that up to our OptionBit August 2013 promotions where you can get even more privileges than you already have. Get prioritized on scheduling your appointment with a market analyst, faster withdrawals and extra allowances are some of the privileges that you will get once you’re a VIP.

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