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Optionbit Login – Do We Let The Bad Get In With The Good?

Optionbit is a very secure website that is protected by a 2048 bit SSL security system that is taken to be a standard in the industry. But this is usually active while money is being transferred.

But little known to most people is that the site designers put in a few more hurdles in the system for the hackers even while you log in. These fail safes are always active and protect the user at all times.

This is more necessary than it seems because there is a lot of money involved and if anyone gets access by any means they would have complete access to the banking details and the whole amount as well. So security should be the first priority on your mind when you think about an Optionbit login.

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Hoe secure is an Optionbit login?

Whenever you wish to trade on Optionbit you will need to go through an Optionbit login procedure and every time you are in that gate you are at you most vulnerable. There are scores of ways that a skilled hacker can get through you in the little time that your details are being verified. The methods for hacking through an Optionbit login are as follows:

  • Phishing

This is the most common nowadays where a website you have visited before plants the backdoor in your system that records your details and sends them to the one who actually planted in the site in the first place. After this he can just do an Optionbit login and do whatever he wants with your account.

  • Brute force

This is the oldest trick in the book where the hacker will use sophisticated software to regenerate the password and id to get into the Optionbit login.

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Now, the people at Optionbit login security have already thought about this possibility and hence have put in the required safeguards as possible by setting up sentry bots on the system. These will look around for double logins or simple IP checks to see if they are consistent. These will alert you if there is any discrepancy.

How to increase this security?

The best and surest way to make the security harder is to first install good anti-virus software in your system so as to rule out the phishing possibilities and then as soon as possible keep changing your password.

Even if you do not change your password make it difficult by using alphanumeric codes and punctuations that are allowed. This will basically make it harder to regenerate the password through the old and conventional ways and take a far longer time than normal. If placed well it can even be possible to totally get rid of the threat by this simple procedure.

How secure is an Optionbit login from a mobile?

Her there is a problem that should be brought to your attention. Optionbit logins are secure but when done from a mobile they basically use the same methods but the security is lacking to say the least. Hence you are at your most vulnerable position when you perform an Optionbit login from your mobile.

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