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Optionbit FAQ

A Quick Look into OptionBit FAQ – Common Queries Answered

OptionBit FAQ is an overall survey of the doubts of the people who are using this site. The FAQ’s have been answered comprehensively here.

General Information

Some general facts and OptionBit FAQ’s.

What is OptionBit?

This is an online trading portal which means that just as in exchanges people bet money over the performance of certain assets, here people can invest money and choose the right asset to invest it on. The only difference being that there is no commission charges applicable.

How do I make money from this?

This is where your trading acumen will come in handy. One has to sense the market trends and then invest money in the asset whose price you thing will change to suit your contract scenario. It is all about having a game plan and managing within the stipulated time. The account manager will be there to help you out about your game plans.

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How to Trade

This is the most common OptionBit FAQ so be all ears to it.

How long does a trade last?

Each trading happens for a stipulated time which the trader has chosen when he began his trading on the asset. After the expiry time depending on the contract and whether the expiry price is higher or lower, you will either make a profit or incur heavy losses.

How to trade in the above/below option?

There are separate buttons telling you the options for the trade contract of the particular asset you have chosen. Now accordingly if you choose above option then the asset price should be above the price shown at the expiry time. For below it is just the reverse. It is also known as the Call/Put option.

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How do I trade with the touch?

This is again a very similar exercise. There are two option buttons touch up and touch down and the target price will be given of the asset that you have chosen to trade on. On the occasion of choosing touch up your asset price should reach the higher target price or in touch down, the lower price in the stipulated amount of time. If your prediction comes true then you will win almost 91% of your investment otherwise lose it all.

How to use the Range Option?

Here you have to predict whether the target price will fall within the current range or outside the current range that one is trading on again within the stipulated period of time. There are two separate buttons for inside range and outside range. If your prediction here comes true you will make money otherwise lose it all.

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What is the close button?

This button is used when you want to close the trading of the asset and gain your profits if you were in-the- money. Otherwise if you were out-of –the money you can close it to lose partial amount of your investment. It all depends on your game plan, if you think waiting another 2 minutes will change the whole complexion of trading and you will jump from out-of- money to in-the money then continue trading.

This was an exhaustive list of OptionBit FAQ.

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