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Optionbit complaints

Major Pointers to Consider for OptionBit Complaints

OptionBit is said to be the best online portal for Binary Options Trading but there are OptionBit complaints. There is nothing called a perfect online trading platform and OptionBit is no different. Though OptionBit does provide customer satisfaction, there have been some cases in which OptionBit has failed completely but there very few and far between.

In these days of online scams one has to be very careful before one embarks on shelling out money to the particular site. When there is a huge amount of money involved like in online trading sites one has to be extra cautious. One way to protect your money is to be an eternal critic. If something looks too good to be true then it possibly is. So OptionBit complaints review is one way to keep you aware of the pitfalls.

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Some of the OptionBit Complaints by users

  • One major problem with OptionBit is their inability to allow withdrawal in the stipulated time. This OptionBit complaint has been observed by many users who have eventually been fed up and stopped trading with OptionBit.
  • There is a discrepancy in the time of expiry given by OptionBit when one is trading on the said assets. There might be a delay of a minute or two and that has frustrated many users
  • There is a problem in the giving of bonuses per losing trade. One does not get the bonus one had fixed prior to trading.

Defenses against the OptionBit Complaints

  • There is live chat and customer care available 24 hours at your service so you can share your problems with them anytime.
  • The amount of payment should be kept in small amounts and since each payoff time depends according to the type of asset one is trading, you should be sure of the withdrawal time.
  • One should think about the theory of averages before one complains because the delay in the maturity has sometimes benefitted the user and sometimes the users have indeed lost money. But it all averages out in the end.
  • Use the Demo accounts which have been especially provided to try out the complete cycle of events at OptionBit.

The OptionBit remains the favorite online trading portal since its inception in 2010. So it must say something about its integrity in total. One has to approach holistically while dealing with online traders because after all they wouldn’t be doing business with you if they did not make a profit from their business. This doesn’t mean that one should tolerate scams but if you are making money out of the portal then stop complaining.

OptionBit is dedicated to excel in all its features and options. The bottom line is that there is no other Binary Option Trading site in the World Wide Web with the options that OptionBit provides. So why blow the horn when your own ineptness in making money shows itself. When you make an OptionBit complaint you are just proving your own unworthiness.

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