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Optionbit Bonus – More Than You Dreamed Of

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Optionbit is a trading platform on the web that allows online stock, stake and Forex point trading other the obscenely popular binary options trading. This is a very important function, but they have slowly been eroding the competition through their aggressive marketing procedures.

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One of these procedures happens to be the use of bonus codes and the instant VIP status that they would give the user. These are special coded keys that maybe bought as investments to get repeated and time-based profits over all as the user will be then given VIP status. The different types of Optionbit bonus are as follows:

Ongoing Bonus

This is an ongoing Optionbit bonus scheme that is basically more of an investment plan. They give you many benefits for investing the amounts that have been specified ion the site and through that investment you can easily make more bonus payments and get a surplus on your trades. These codes are available on the bonus page of the website from where once all payments have been paid you will be emailed the code and hence you can redeem that code to use the benefits which include the following:

  • Instant VIP Status
  • Increased pay-out

There are three different plans for the ongoing bonus:

  • $500 gives you 20% bonus on all assets and VIP Status
  • $1000 gives you 30% bonus on all assets and VIP Status
  • $2000 gives you 30% bonus on all assets and VIP Status

What is a VIP?

A VIP is what you become when you avail an ongoing Optionbit bonus scheme and hence it must have some special features that are better than the normal user. Those special features are as follows:

  • Priority when consulting a market analyst

You might need to consult a market analyst at some point to ask about your next trade, but you might have to wait in a line. But if you get the VIP status there is little or no need to actually wait.

  • A VIP code will be given that will make things easier for you

Your VIP code will be usable in many trading functions where you can trade as a VIP and hence you can make the best deals possible with higher priority and better pay.

  • All withdrawals will be processed as much as 60% faster than before

Your withdrawals will much faster than before and you can even get your money to you even faster than you would have otherwise.

Weekly Bonus

This is an Optionbit bonus that is given out on a weekly basis irrespective of VIP or normal status. The codes given here are very easy available and paid for so that you can redeem them easily enough to get the best deals made easy for you. These offers include lesser buy-in into premium properties and stocks and such bonuses.

Optionbit trading Bonus

This is a not exactly a bonus but just an offer in place of an actual Optionbit bonus. It is a package of $100 which will be deposited to your account by your own investment and you will be given online materials to help yourself train for the market trade better. This is for the new people but is a very valuable Optionbit bonus.

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