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Optionbit Ukash

Why Prefer to Pay by OptionBit Ukash

Optionbit Ukash

OptionBit Ukash is a preferred mode of payment for many brokers on the Binary Options trading site OptionBit. OptionBit has become a chosen site for many of these brokers for online trading as it offers many outstanding features.

The most talked about feature is its minimum deposit payment which stands really low at $50. Then there are many trading options to choose from. One can even extend or close the maturity as one wishes which is an added advantage to many traders.

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OptionBit Ukash is one of the payment options to choose from in OptionBit site. There are other options like credit card, PayPal, E-Wallet etc. but there are many reasons why one should pay by OptionBit Ukash.

Ukash is not just any other credit card provider but is an idea developed by SmartVoucher Ltd to facilitate online cash payments. They have thousands of retail outlets throughout the world. Ukash is actually a voucher provided in lieu of money.

This voucher has a 19 digit-code which is obviously unique and one can use to make online cash payments for any purchase. Its concept was developed and enhanced over the years since its inception in 2001

Types of Ukash in the market Today

  • Ukash neo is like a prepaid MasterCard. In exchange of money you are given a Ukash voucher with which you can buy items online on sites that accept MasterCard. So one can merrily go shopping on the internet and make as many purchases as the Ukash voucher allows.
  • Ukashout is another version of the prepaid MasterCard but this time it’s a physical card which you use to buy items in shops which accept MasterCard payments. One can also withdraw hard cash by using this card in ATM’s accepting MasterCard across the world.
  • Ukash Air is a method to add talk time into your prepaid mobiles. One can also send the talk time credit to any mobile phone across the world.

OptionBit Ukash is the process by which you can make payments on the online trading site OptionBit and then start trading stocks, commodities, indices and Forex. This is as high the flexibility goes while making payments online.

It is now up to you to purchase these vouchers from retail outlets anywhere near you so that you can make that payment into your trading account as soon as possible. This will also ensure timely returns on your account for all the trading that you have accomplished.

Online trading is all about money and its multiplication through trading. Ones trading acumen is tested to the limit in this field. At OptionBit, The returns are as high as 84% and coupled with bonuses that OptionBit gives you on your initial trading, online trading never has it better.

OptionBit Ukash is another attempt on OptionBit’s part to appear flexible in payment options to its traders and investors. Of course finally it is up to you which payment mode you prefer but so many people who are choosing to use OptionBit Ukash cannot be wrong

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