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Optionbit Payment

Best Ways to Make the OptionBit Payment

OptionBit Payment options are sparse so be prepared to adjust yourself to their methods if one wants to be a trader at this online trading site. There are not too many ways to make that deposit to initiate oneself into the process at OptionBit. OptionBit Binary Options trading site is a forerunner in the online trading portal business so one should have faith in their payment options provided.

Payment Methods at OptionBit

  • OptionBit payment is only allowed when the currency is US Dollars nevertheless your country of origin might be, so be prepared to shell out that amount.
  • One can use their credit card to make the minimum deposit payment which if you so wish might not be a minimum. Be ready to pay the amount in taxes while the remittance goes through.
  • The other option one can use to make the deposit or OptionBit payment is the Bank wire transfer. This is a more secure option to many who still cannot come to terms with the use of the credit card.

In the case of Bank wire transfer it has been instructed by the OptionBit customer care that one has to send the wire transfer first and then send a receipt to support via an email.

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Advantages of OptionBit Payment

One might not have many methods to make that deposit into their account at OptionBit Binary Options trading site but one should not forget that the minimum deposit is only $50 so you will not need so many options of payment to start your trading at OptionBit.

OptionBit Payment can be made in small amounts into your account so that you lose less if you make the wrong choice. This is the more clever way to invest your hard earned money.

The minimum trading amount is $10 so you will not have to worry about a small amount in your account. Also once you start making money the account balance will grow on its own. So you do not have to make any more deposits but withdrawals will be the name of the game then.

OptionBit payment is streamlined process to help you concentrate on your trading rather than on trivial issues of deposits. This way you can learn the process of brokering very fast and make profit on your investments every day.


Drawbacks of OptionBit Payment

The main drawback is to non-US citizens whose primary currency is not US Dollars so they will have to pay extra in taxes for the remittance of the amount. This can be taken care of by investing in lesser amounts at first while you pile up returns in your account. This way you do not have to pay remittances for your foreign exchange since the amount you earn in returns will also be in US Dollars.

OptionBit Payment does not encourage huge investments because then you will lose more. But if you are the one to make these kinds of investments then you will face hurdles as the Option Bit payment methods are not plentiful.

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